SuperStar X is the app used to collect votes for:

How to Create an Account

How to Collect Diamonds & Rubies

Collecting Rubies (free, expires 90 days after earned)

Rubies are the free currency used to vote for Inkigayo polls.

Collecting Diamonds (paid, does not expire)

Diamonds are the paid currency used to vote for Inkigayo polls.

How to Vote for Inkigayo & Inkigayo Hot Stage

Inkigayo Live Voting 

Inkigayo live voting is the main poll used to help determine winners for Inkigayo's main award. It occurs every Sunday at 3:40pm KST.

Inkigayo Hot Stage:

Inkigayo Hot Stage is a secondary poll that is awarded during the airing of the following Inkigayo. Voting is open every week from Sunday 4:30pm KST to Thursday 12pm (noon) KST.

How to Log Out of Your Profile

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start saving Rubies for the comeback?

How many Rubies should I save?

Can I collect on multiple accounts?

I play SuperStar games like SuperStar LOONA. Can I connect my Dalcom ID to this app?