Spotify is an international streaming service that counts towards Circle Global Chart for K-Pop music shows and awards.

Step 1. Set Up Your Spotify Account

Note: You can use Spotify for free. However, streams from premium accounts are weighted higher on the charts and give the artist more revenue than streams on free accounts. There is a free trial for new users of Spotify Premium, which you can redeem on the Spotify website or app. College students can also get Spotify Premium for a reduced price by verifying their student status, which can also be done on Spotify's website.

Step 2. Set Up Your Device

Step 3. Set Up Your Playlist

Note: To do this on a mobile device, you MUST have a premium account. If you only have a free account, you may only do this on the web player.

Sample Playlist:

Step 4. Stream the Playlist

What are the two types of streaming?

Filtered vs. Unfiltered Streams

Having more filtered streams is incredibly important as this is what helps us chart. Therefore, it is very important when streaming to avoid bot-like behavior.

Active vs. Passive Streaming

Having more active streams can help boost a song in the algorithm so that it will be autoplayed for other users, as well as to help boost the chance of the song being added to Spotify curated playlists, therefore also boosting passive streams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to used a hacked Spotify app to have my streams count as premium streams?

Will my offline streams count?

Do streams from an account on a family plan count as premium streams if I'm not the one paying for it?