Genie Guide

Genie is a popular Korean music streaming service utilized in music shows and year-end award ceremonies.

This guide explains how to get a Genie account and downloads, and how to use the service.

We cover how to obtain your own account in this guide. However, you can also participate in our Genie Project by donating funds to help our team buy downloads, or by volunteering to complete downloads with the ReOrbit team!

How to Obtain a Genie Account

Where to Get Accounts/Downloads

There are many sellers on Twitter. Notable examples of Genie account sellers on Twitter include @GBaebulleo_, @chouxcremee, @HoneyBeeKshop, @_DELSHOP_, and @yoonkyesang99

Stay scam-safe! 

Before buying from any Genie seller, make sure to check for good reviews and / or testimonials before purchasing. If you don't have a good feeling about a transaction, find another seller. Team ReOrbit is not responsible for scams perpetrated by Genie sellers.

Option 1: Rent a Genie account

You should rent if you:

If you plan to rent, we highly recommend a "1 day rental + 1 download" package as you will realistically only need the account for 5 minutes, and it is just ~$1.50 USD per rental.

Option 2: Buy a Genie account

You should buy if you:

If you plan to buy, the cost of the account will be ~$4.20. This will be a one-time purchase. We then highly recommend that you top-up with Genie Cash as needed, rather than buying a download pass, because Genie Cash doesn't expire for 5 years and you only need to download the title track. Each download is 700 KRW.

Download Tutorial

How to Download a Song on Genie

Genie Download Tutorial [PC]
Genie Redeem Tutorial [Mobile]

Note: downloading is not available on iOS devices. If you bought or rented an account, but do not have access to a PC or Android device, please message us on social media so that we can help!


Step 1: Access Genie

Step 2: Log In

Step 3: Locate the Song

Step 4: Download the Song


Step 1: Access Genie

Step 2: Log In

Step 3: Locate the Song

Step 4: Download the Song

How to Log Into an Account

How to Find and Like Artists

Genie Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it useful for international fans to use Genie? Why shouldn't we just leave this up to domestic fans?

Music Show/Award Wins


Strength in Numbers

Why isn't using Spotify/Apple Music enough?

How does Genie's charting system work?

How many streams/downloads does the song need to chart?

The real-time chart has not changed in a while. Is something wrong?

Do I have to be located in Korea and/or have a Korean IP address?

My iPhone/iPad is not letting me download the MP3 of the song. What do I do?

Could I use more than one account to download?