My1pick is a voting app that hosts surveys for the KM Chart and Universal Superstar Awards as well as Themed polls.

How to Create an Account

How to Collect Gold Hearts

Note: Only Gold Hearts are used for voting for KM Chart, Universal Superstar awards and Theme polls.

Watch Ads

2. Tap the "광고보기 (15/15)" button

Purchase Gold Hearts

How to Vote in Theme Polls

2. Tap "테마" at the top right of the screen

3. Open the category you plan to vote

4. Tap the gold button next to the artist.

5. Type in how many votes you plan to vote.

6. Tap the "Vote" button to place your vote.

How to Log Out

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use purple or blue hearts to vote?

Does winning the KM Chart poll mean they win the prize?