IDOLCHAMP is the app used to collect votes for:

At the bottom of the page, you can find an image version of the tutorial.

How to Create an Account

How to Collect Chamsim

❤️ Ruby Chamsim (Does not expire):

💙 Blue Chamsim (Expires on the 1st of every month):

How to Vote for Show Champion

Early voting: 

Early Voting occurs from Fridays at 8pm KST to Mondays at 2pm KST. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I vote with just 💙?

When can I start saving Chamsims for the comeback?

How many Chamsims should I save?

Why should I collect both ❤️ and 💙? Aren't ❤️ better since they don't expire?

Can I make multiple accounts?

Why should I level up my account?

I'm not earning ❤️ from ad roulette. What should I do?


How to Create an Account

How to Collect Attendance

How to Collect ❤️ from Ads

How to Vote on the Daily Chart